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High Quality Battery for O2 Typ 35H00080-01M, 3,7 V, 960 mAh, 100% fits, properly matching, Li-Ion, Lithium Ion Technology, black, Batteries, PDA

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You will receive 1 high quality Rechargeable Battery. This Rechargeable Battery 100% fits and is properly matching !

Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery (originally packaged factory-new merchandise)

This high capacity rechargeable battery definitely disposes of more power than the original rechargeable battery included in delivery of the unit. This rechargeable battery can be used instead of the original rechargeable battery without any problems and can be recharged with the available standard power supply. The rechargeable battery is protected and secured against overcharge and short-circuits.

Features of this rechargeable battery:

  • safety due to heat and overcharge protection
  • real lithium-ion rechargeable battery, more power than the original rechargeable battery
  • no memory effect recharge your battery whenever you like
  • excellent fitting accuracy, certified quality merchandise, not an original accessory
  • the standard battery charger can still be used

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Written by pughalbert24

April 22, 2016 at 6:06 pm

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