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Interfit INT457 Stellar XD 300 Watt/ Second Twin Softbox kit

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  • Heads have 300 watt/ second output.
  • Kit comes complete with 2 softboxes, stands and bag, everything you need to get started.
  • Digital control for precision setting.
  • User replaceable flash tubes.
  • Fan cooled to protect and cool components.

This twin softbox kit is also a good all around combination for soft portrait lighting, fashion, or where the softest light is required for larger product work. This Stellar XD head has 300 watt/second output and features an easy to use all digital back and user friendly push button controls. A tough aluminum is designed to stand up to the most vigorous use. Fan cooling ensures that the flash capacitors and associated circuitry are kept to their optimum working temperature even during periods of prolonged use. User changeable German flash tubes ensure both long life and color consistency. Auto power dumping, thermal cut-out devices and greater air flow around the capacitors keep this unit cool and safe. The rear control panel houses user friendly controls that allow not only the flash and modeling lamp intensity to be set but also the switches that allow the choice of audible or silent recycling indication and proportional or full power modeling lamp setting. Other features that are important to the busy professional includes-Inch types bayonet fitting reflectors and accessories allowing a wide range of Interfit accessories to be fitted. Sensitive infrared and flash sensors and five f-stop stepless adjustment of both flash and modeling lamp, fast re-charge coupled with audible and visual 100% recharge indicators add to the ease of use. This kit consists of 2 Stellar XD 300 watt/second heads, 2 COR751 Light stands, 2 24-Inch x 24-Inch Softboxes and Bag.

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Written by pughalbert24

May 25, 2013 at 8:49 pm

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